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“Yeah, right. Like *she’s* a personal trainer. Look at her!”

Guess what, buddy?  It’s happening.

I’m in CanFitPro training this year for personal trainer certification.  And, after my in person classroom training in Alberta a month ago I carried my book onto the plane to read for the 4 hour flight.

And, that’s what the guy in the first row said.  He then glowered at me as I sat behind him.  Yes, I had decided to upgrade my seat on the WestJet flight the day before knowing I’d be exhausted and wanted the extra comfort.  Lucky me, right?

So, once we hit altitude and cruised along I opened my book and plugged in my music on my iPhone studying away.  Ignoring him.  And… the majority of the public to be honest!

What I do… does not reflect on you.  It is my journey and my small steps to my healthier lifestyle.  Personal training is my professional goal and it will help me evolve my former NS FIT 4 U workshops into something aMAZing where I feel I have served the public and brought in more wisdom to my life.

NS FIT 4 U (if you didn’t know) started in 2004 at a Centre for Women in Business networking night where I passed out my homemade business cards that my Dad helped me make.  A non profit society that attracted 30 plus sized women each year who wanted to learn more and experience more than a circuit-based fitness club.  Something I kept going even though I was running a small award winning film production company.  Something I started that pulled me to Coaches Training Institute Coaching (shout out to all my clients in 2014 who helped me while I was a student) for Certified Professional Coactive Coaching.

Something that made my heart sing.  As each client flew I watched them soar in their journeys and achieve success.

Lookout world! I am not alone.  Plus sized fitness, Plus sized personal trainers, Plus sized yoga and more are all out there.  Before you could get fitness clothes at Addition Elle or Pennington’s there were men’s clothes at Cleve’s.

And, my journey is learning to help others not just the plus sized individuals I see.  My scope has widened.  Thanks to the ongoing accessibility from CanFitPro education truly can liberate an individual.  I’m looking to do a Masters in Kinesiology and a finally finish my Masters in Business Administration in the next few years.

It all began that night at Mount Saint Vincent University.


This week at the studio –

Tuesdays and Thursdays *free* Nordic Pole Walking 10am & 5pm

Wednesday night 5:15pm-6pm *free*  Strength Training for Runners with PT Mike Manderville

Thursday night 6pm-7pm NIA Technique $11.50 inc hst drop in fee per person

Spring into Fitnessat Tara MacDonald Fit Club

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