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Welcome to Brad LeLievre! Trainer at M&W Personal Training Rehab Clinic

Brad LeLievre, Personal Trainer at MacDonald & Woods Personal Training Rehab Clinic.
Taking clients now.
“Having been involved in competitive sports since I was very young, fitness has been an integral part of my life. Having become a teacher in my post-secondary career personal training seemed to be the obvious choice for me, mixing teaching with my love of fitness. I have been working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for over 7 years, becoming a fitness instructor by teaching Jillian Michaels’ Body Shred as well as a Team Trainer in TRX. My athletic career has led to many injuries such as a torn calf, broken finger, and a tear in my LCL among others. This has forced me to overcome obstacles to get myself healthy that has made me a better trainer.  
My goal as a trainer is to assist people in living a healthy life. Making lives easier and more enjoyable is the most important thing. My experience and knowledge will help clients achieve their goals and live a better life.”
Brad LeLievre (photo attached at M&W)
Personal Trainer
TRX Team Trainer
Jillian Michaels’ Body Shred Instructor
Exercise Therapy Specialist


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