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The Insanity of Insanity: A Review by PT Mike Manderville

The Insanity of Insanity: A Review

In small print on the back of the DVD case you’ll read:


Insanity is an extreme and physically demanding workout. This is NOT for beginners


After reviewing the Insanity workouts and booklets I’d have to agree!


Insanity as a workout uses a ton of plyometric exercises. Plyometric exercises are used with body weight but are explosive and powerful. Plyometric exercises are tough and they’re tough on your body. I generally wouldn’t recommend plyometrics of this intensity unless the individual already had a strong base in fitness (strong aerobic capacity as well as recent experience with plyometric or power exercises).


Although I wouldn’t recommend the workouts without prior experience or a good basic fitness level, the nutrition booklet that comes with the DVD set is very informative.


This isn’t a diet, it’s a plan that will teach you how to eat healthy. I love things that say they’re not diets, because we all know there’s an end to a diet. A diet to me means a quick fix. Learning how to consistently make healthy choices will work wonders for you in the long run both mentally and physically.


The nutrition booklet to Insanity provided great, basic information for nutrition (using food as fuel for your body). It takes you step by step showing you how many calories you need for your weight and how to alter that number if your goal is to lose weight. It also offers great, easy, and practical meal suggestions with tons of alternatives or replacements.


Although Insanity requires a high level of fitness to accomplish, fitness is for everyone. Do the level you are at but know that you can work towards tougher workouts like Insanity. This program is not for everyone but at home workouts can be very useful. Like today (Feb 8), for example, it’s a snow day. At home workouts like Insanity or a number of other Beachbody dvds can help you get in amazing shape snow or shine.

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