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11am Fitness Kickboxing Oct 14th cancelled!

Mat is out sick today so the 11am Fitness Kickboxing class has been cancelled. Thanks! -Tara

We're a proud sponsor of: Strides for Obesity (happening October 14th, 2017 at Victoria Park) NSCC Active Living Challenge The Cole Harbour Colts hockey team Jill Borys Plus ONE events - Oct 21st Fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity And, we're raising money for the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Society Atlantic Region with their Team in Training [...]

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Thanks for such a great weekend at our last year as a Gold Sponsor of Sole Sisters Women's Race Series. We had a lot of fun - our trainers who participated were: Tara Cook, Arlene Brinston, Carla Fraser, Siobhan Camp, Rayanne Hunter. #SO to staff for volunteering at a water station - Victoria Weir #SO [...]

One Week to Race Kit Pick Up Day!

                                    See you Friday September 29th, 2017 at 3pm at Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth! Race Day is October 1st, 2017 starting at Graham's Grove, Lake Banook, Dartmouth, N.S. https://solesistersrace.com/races/october-race/    

Nate-Janine Williams has had a family issue come up so Wednesday, tomorrow night, we won't be holding our last run with her. Find her at https://www.facebook.com/learntolovetorun/ She's been a pleasure to work with and we were so happy to bring it to Baker Drive.  See you when the snow melts! LOL (oh, no! she said snow). [...]

Walk 15 is cancelled today for 12:15pm. See you next Friday Sept 22nd at 12:15pm for the final Walk 15 for this session. New group fitness schedule will start the week of October 10th, 2017 and end the week of November 13th, 2017. Thanks to all our instructors and trainers including Amanda Swales, Pat Hipgrave [...]

Wow, thanks so much for the support of Be the Fire! with Keynote Speaker Louise Green.  We had a blast and raised $640 for Alice Housing http://alicehousing.ca/ October 1st is fast approaching!  We are the Gold Sponsor for Sole Sisters Women's Race Series 2017. Remember - if you attend our Group Fitness classes that are offered [...]

Be the Fire with Keynote Speaker Louise Green!

http://www.tickethalifax.com/events/46170886/be-the-fire-one-day-summit-for-women-only Hi there! We have a limited number of tickets available but encourage you to purchase them on Ticket Halifax above.  All ticket proceeds go to Alice Housing.  More on that charity here: http://www.alicehousing.ca Saturday September 9th, 2017 - Your ticket includes entry to all these events.  Water and some snacks will be provided by the [...]

I'm excited that we had such a fun week of entering our first week of group fitness class with a great response from our clients and the community. Thanks to everyone who came out!  Our Group Fitness class schedule lasts until September 23rd. Nordic Pole Walking's last evening is Sept 28th, 2017. Sole Sisters Race [...]

Happy Natal Day Weekend!

Thanks for all your continued business through this year at our new location. On September 1st, our prices increase at Tara MacDonald Fit Club along with another increase MacDonald & Woods Personal Training Clinic.  I held down the price this year as we got to know our community and showcase our experienced personal trainers in [...]